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  1. updated 2024-04-25

    In the world of stealth, movement is not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about survival, strategy, and finesse. In Squat Ops, we’ve taken away the controller and looked at the art of movement on a different level, and I’m here to break down how it all works.

    The Tactical Squat

    A squat in Squat Ops is more than a physical exercise! Squat excersises are a strategic play, and your primary way of controling the game. By performing a bodyweight squat, players move your character two spaces forward along a set path. This bread and butter movement sounds simple, but it’s anything but.

    Challenges of the Field

    While moving, our stealth action hero - Hart can be spotted or activate noise tiles, attracting guards and adding real-time challenges to the game. A wrong squat at the wrong time, and the mission can go south pretty quickly.

    Strategy and Timing

    Squat Ops encourages physical precision, strategic thinking and flawless timing. Getting through a highly guarded room comes down to when to squat, how long squat, and where in the room to stop and review. It’s a beautiful marriage of you and the game. Every move matters, and every decision counts.

    Immersion and Engagement

    What makes this game stand out is the integration of physical movement with on-screen action. The squat isn’t just a command; it’s an immersive experience, linking the player’s body with the game’s virtual world.

    Follow the Mission

    This is just the beginning of what promises to be a fun, rewarding, and deep stealth game. You can follow the development and staying in the loop by joining our Discord community. We’d love to have you in our ranks!

    Until next time

    • Adam

    You can join here Discord

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  2. update as of 2024-04-20 - Thanks for trying to closed beta! We learned a lot and are gearing towards a proper release

    We’ve set up a Discord community where you can chat with fellow players, and that’s also where we’ll be releasing the closed beta. We’d really love it if you joined us over there. It’s a place to share thoughts, discuss the game, and let us know about any improvements we can make.

    Joining the closed beta means you’ll be among the first to try out Squat Ops, but more importantly, you’ll be helping us make it better. We’re really keen to hear your thoughts on the gameplay, the fitness aspect, and any problems you encounter.

    This project is something we’re really passionate about, and we hope that you’ll enjoy being part of it as much as we do. So if you’re keen on taking your fitness journey to the next level and contributing to the development of Squat Ops, we’d love to have you onboard.

    See you on Discord and in the game!

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  3. Hello, all you fitness gaming enthusiasts! We at Parasol Corp are excited to announce SQUAT OPS - the latest creation from the Melbourne-based indie studio. This ground-breaking single-player stealth action game seamlessly fuses physical exercise with the thrills of a classic spy-thriller narrative, pushing the boundaries of what you’d traditionally expect from a fitness game.

    Squat Ops isn’t just a game; it’s a mission, a fitness routine, and an enthralling narrative experience, all wrapped into one neat package. This innovative title takes a unique, AI-driven, hands-free approach to game mechanics, where your real-life squats and jumps translate directly into the character movements within the game. Who knew that doing squats could help you avoid guards, outsmart high-tech security systems, and move stealthily inside a heavily fortified military facility?

    But it’s not just about flexing those leg muscles. Squat Ops boasts a deeply engaging storyline where players can build trust and form relationships with their in-game advisers. Your decisions and actions matter - the stronger your relationships, the more of the story unfolds, unlocking more details about the mission and the personal motivations of your contacts. You’ll get to uncover hidden plotlines and secrets about the world of Squat Ops in between those squats and leaps.

    Squat Ops is being developed for iOS, Android and for Steam. You can game and workout on-the-go or right at home, in both portrait and landscape mode. Whether you want to squeeze in a game after a gym session, or in between meetings, or during a rainy inside day, Squat Ops has you covered.

    Squat Ops is a testament to our commitment to making fitness enjoyable and accessible. With decades of experience creating games and years of working with AI, our little team at Parasol Corp has lovingly crafted this game with one goal in mind: to change how you approach fitness.

    We’re looking forward to seeing how Squat Ops will inspire and challenge you to incorporate fitness into your everyday gaming routine. Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to the release date. Thanks for your support and get ready to squat your way to victory!

    Check out the game’s website for more info and sneak peeks: https://www.squatops.com

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